Silos for clinker and cement and other minerals


For these products, you can build silos with the capacity required, up 100 ton. Highly recommended for products with high temperatures, the extraction is improved (they can even be designed with bottom inverted cone) .For the storage of cement, they can be used with fluidized bottom option or elevated bottom with direct loading to tanker truck.

Silos for other bulks


The reasons for which bulks must be stored are multiple. Preserving them for a short period, from the last crop up to the next sowing, is the most important of all.

How to achieve a suitable storage

In order that a program of storage is successful, it will have to be carefully planned and a clear concept of the intention of the storage is essential. It is also necessary to consider the climatic information of the zone selected for the storage.

Therefore, for a good storage, it is indispensable to maintain the level of dampness of the grains and seeds to a low value, control that it is possible to realize with silos built with Domo system because of its staunchness and high protection of the stored bulks.

They allow compartmentalizing the interior by means of the corresponding separating walls, to store different types of bulks.

Possibility of automatic extraction of 100 % of the stored bulk.

Cost is competitive against conventional constructions.

Silos for other materials


They are ideal structures to store materials such as pellets, phosphate and sodium sulfate, fertilizers and lime.


Silo Domo Project for pellet storage. Capacity de 40.000t.


2 Silodomes Project for phosphate storage.
Capacity 100.000 t. each.

Water tanks


The Domo structures are waterproof and inalterable, what makes them perfect for the storage of sanitary waters and for drinkable use. Furthermore, as an insulating thermal layer protects them during construction, changes of temperature and the proliferation of microorganisms are avoided.

Unlike other open deposits, these constructed with Domo system avoid the pollution of the water by dust in the environment and organisms. Another determinant factor to consider are losses by evaporation, which remains totally solved by means of the application of this solution.

It is possible to construct Domo deposits for water with very important capacities from 50 cubic meters, up to 100.000 cubic meters, or more. The accomplishment of deposits with this capacity by other methods is of much higher cost.

Coal parks


The geometry of the dome structure can be set under the conditions of available floor area, height, coal types to store etc.

Explosion prevention:
The Domo structure allows, in its constructive process, explosion areas that are in each case required.

Coal Handling:
The Domo structures are impermeable to the emission of solid particles and thermal waves to the outside, and impermeable to direct moisture penetration or by condensation thereby achieving significant energy savings in the final process to which this fuel is intended.

Storage can be performed in different heaps separated between them, if necessary, by dividing walls constructed in a radial pattern.

The extraction is usually performed mechanically and automatically. These operations are controlled and operated from the outside without the need for personnel in the interior of the silo Domo.




It is an ideal system for the construction of auditoriums, museums and exhibition halls, religious buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, sports centers, etc…


Project for Centro Cultural “Oscar Niemeyer”.
Arquitect Oscar Niemeyer.


Centro Cultural “Oscar Niemeyer”


Project for restaurant and other buildings.
Arquitect Oscar Niemeyer.


Proyect for restaurant.
Arquitect Oscar Niemeyer.


Project for auditorium.
Arquitect Oscar Niemeyer.


Project for auditorium.
Arquitect Oscar Niemeyer.


Project for auditorium.
Arquitects Semra and Ozcon Aygur.


Proyect for exhibition center.
Cano Laso Arquitects.


Proyect for museum “El Almendro”.
Arquitects Juan Pedro Sanz Alarcón.


Project for assembly hall.
Arquitects Fuses-Viader.


Project for assembly hall.
Constructive proposal: Estructuras Domo.


Proyect for restaurant.
Constructive proposal: Estructuras Domo.


Project for Fundación “El Bulli”.
Arquitect Cloud 9.


Project for religious center.