cupula_icoDescription of the system

The system allows the construction of reinforced concrete shell structures using a pressurized PVC air form to act as an outer formwork.
The dome, a structure used from the antiquity, acquires with Domo a modern, economic and environmentally friendly application.

The Domo structures consist of reinforced concrete, which allow the execution of a rapid and simple way of constructing a simple or double curvature structure, specially adapted for the resolution of big spans and powerful horizontal charges, with high hermeticity, and makes it ideal for storage of special bulks.
The constructive process is evolutionary, using as auxiliary element a pressurized pvc membrane, pre-stressed and of high resistance that remains incorporated into the construction as finishing in its exterior face.

Its existence covers storage needs, especially alterable product by changes in temperature such as cereals, sugar, water, cement, coal and other raw materials. Its use has also been extended to architectural developments such as sports centers, stadiums, religious buildings, auditoriums, entertainment complexes and even housing. The resistance of these constructions to atmospheric phenomena is also remarkable.



The Dome structures are concrete laminar structures with single or double curvature surfaces, which give the dome an excellent performance against punctual and distributed loads. This improves the response to seismic, atmospheric phenomena and other natural eventualities.

  • The use of polyurethane foam in the construction process optimizes the thermal insulation of the interior. The possibility of condensation phenomena is reduced, an aspect which allows storage of cement, sugar, cereals …
  • The outer membrane is impermeable, reinforcing the waterproof capacity of the polyurethane (not to mention the thick layer of concrete, which is the dome itself). In the construction process, the concrete is projected in successive layers between 3 and 4 cm thick, which decreases retractions and improves the impermeability.
  • The shaft and cover concepts of conventional silos disappear in favor of a single monolithic reinforced concrete structure. This ensures perfect sealing and eliminates complicated finishings and maintenance costs presented by conventional structures generally crowned with metallic structures. The monolithic union of shaft and cover makes the structure present a better structural behavior.
  • The possibility of increasing, practically without limit, the diameter of the support structure, allows reducing the value of load per square meter on grounds of little resistance, the height of the structure, etc. This characteristic turns Domo in an alternative to consider in zones with limitation of height.
  • Excellent capacity to adapt to differential settlement.
  • Its aesthetic improves the environmental impact of industrial plants to which they are incorporated.
  • Its shape improves the utilization of the interior volume and allows total filling.
  • The double curvature structure allows the installation of automatic extraction equipment operated from the outside. The construction allows extraction of 100% of the stored material and a flow capacity of up to 500 t / h (depending on material density).

compas_icoDiversity of geometries

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

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Figure 5

The system can adopt solutions with very different geometries that solve a variety of problems. The versatility, together with the possibility of loading the entire surface of the structure, allows optimum use of available floor area and reduces the volume of construction with maximum adjustment to the required storage capacity.

Constructive process

  • PVC pressurized membrane acts as outer formwork during the construction process
  • Anchor elements are positioned previously to fix this membrane
  • All construction of the dome is done FROM THE INSIDE

Therefore, before positioning the membrane, it is necessary to introduce into the work area the crane that will be used in the construction, as well as all the steel armour and other auxiliary items necessary.

Extension of membrane

  • The membrane is anchored to the outer perimeter and, subsequently, we proceed to pressurize the membrane. The internal pressure of the dome is controlled automatically during the construction process.

Pressurization of membrane

Projection of polyurethane foam

  • Once the membrane is pressurized, a layer of rigid polyurethane foam is applied, so thermal insulation is guaranteed. The thickness of this layer is determined by the interior insulation requirements.

Placing of steel reinforcement and successive projections of shotcrete

  • In a continuous process, structural steel reinforcement and shotcrete successive layers that make up the thickness defined in the Project are placed.

Doors, windows are opened

  • Once the structural reinforcement and concrete reach the project height, we proceed to disconnect the pressurization equipment and all doors, windows or gaps that are required are opened.